JAM JAR ARMY: Tiny new-born hoglet found

The tiny hoglet, which weighed just 23g.
The tiny hoglet, which weighed just 23g.

An extremely tiny hoglet, weighing just 23g, came into care the week before last, writes Carole Catchpole, of Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust.

He was found by a very diligent young lady cleaning a field where horses graze and she heard the familiar peeping noise hoglets make when calling mum.

There wasn’t any sign of mum or any other babies and the wee chap is now kept warm in one of our incubators with me on feeding duty every two hours. Our concern when finding just one hoglet on its own like this is that mum may have rejected it knowing it isn’t viable, but the very least we can do is try to give him a chance even though it may not be successful.

We know he was born on the day he was found by the very length of the spines. Hedgehogs are born with spines covered by a membrane (to protect mum) and, as you can see from the photograph, the spines can only just be seen.