Jam Jar Army: One dog goes, another arrives


Life goes on at SHAK, this year’s Jam Jar Army charity, as its residents come and go.

Stephen Wylie, from the charity, said: “During this last couple of weeks we said goodbye to Bodie, a lovely German shepherd who, with his brother Doyle, was rescued from a scrapyard several years ago.

Jam Jar Army for SHAK logo.

Jam Jar Army for SHAK logo.

They were like a double act, two old guys who settled into the daily routine and who the volunteers loved to take out for walks and they appeared together in the Gazette earlier in the year.

“Anyway, now there is only Doyle and things will seem different for a while.

“Then, only an hour or so after saying goodbye to Bodie, I received a phone call from the dog warden to ask if I could help with a very frightened girl they had just picked up.

Bree (as her new best friend Melissa has called her) is petrified, and particularly of men.

“We will probably never know her story I guess, however, there are clues such as the bailing cord that was tied round her neck.

“If you look carefully you can still see a bit around her collar.

“Melissa is doing a wonderful job with her, and I know with the love she’s getting, she will come round.

“Unfortunately it’s just an indication of how bad things are right now that we had such a short time between Bodie leaving for a better place and Bree starting out on her own journey.”

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