JAM JAR ARMY: Mother and baby units needed twice in a row

We had a call at the beginning of June asking for our help as a large hedgehog was spotted lying listlessly on a footpath, looking seriously unwell.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 18th June 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st June 2017, 2:22 pm
The hedgehog 'nest' found on a construction site in Haydon Bridge.
The hedgehog 'nest' found on a construction site in Haydon Bridge.

The person was so concerned about the hedgehog’s welfare, he picked her up and placed her in a suitable pen until she could be brought to us the next day.

The next morning dawned and it was soon evident why she’d appeared sluggish – she’d produced two babies, one of which was sadly stillborn but the other was still alive.

Mum and baby were brought to us (release would have been impossible at this stage) and were placed in one of our mother-and-baby units.

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We are keeping any disturbance to a minimum as there is always the possibility of her eating the baby (I believe rabbits sometimes do the same when disturbed), but, once we’re sure the baby is two weeks of age, it will be safe to check on them.

At the moment, Matilda is eating well so we’re positive she’ll be producing all the necessary nourishment for her baby and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Our next emergency call came one day later, when someone from a construction site at Haydon Bridge explained they’d removed a cabin only to find a mother hedgehog and three babies underneath.

They placed mum Grace and her youngsters in a box, together with the nest she’d made (not ideal as you can see, but they will use whatever is available!)

We hope for a happy outcome for Grace and her family as she is also eating well and will be able to produce the milk and colostrum her babies need.