Jam Jar Army: Halfway home for hounds


This year’s Jam Jar Army campaign for SHAK has had a double dose of good news in the last week.

First, Stephen Wylie, from the charity, is ‘delighted to say that Blue has found a Forever Foster home’.

Jam Jar Army logo

Jam Jar Army logo

“The word is he has found his sea legs and loving daily trips to the seaside, not sure he’ll be thinking that in November! Best of luck Blue,” he said.

And it comes as the 2013 campaign reaches a very exciting milestone – £5,000, halfway to the £10,000 target.

“A massive thank-you to everyone that is supporting our Jam Jar Army campaign through the Northumberland Gazette,” said Stephen.

“We’ve had some great events from race nights, to pub quizzes, to car boot sales, to agility classes...All going to contribute to an amazing running total so far of £5,787.51.

“This total is even more impressive as we’re still only five months in with the target to reach £10,000.

“One fantastic event was Serena’s moment of madness in deciding to do a bungee jump at Newcastle Quayside.

“It must have taken some bottle, and in doing so she raised over £1,000. Incredible, thank you Serena.

“We still desperately need people to hold their own events to help us hit the £10,000 mark as soon as possible.

“You can discuss any ideas with me via email shak@shak.org.uk

“Thanks once again for your fantastic support.”