JAM JAR ARMY: Benefits of exercise for all older people

There are a number of benefits for older people taking part in exercise.
There are a number of benefits for older people taking part in exercise.

Staying active is really important as we get older and there is no doubt that keeping active makes us feel more energetic.

It also feels easier when we can get outside with light mornings and evenings.

Age UK has highlighted other more specific benefits of exercise, including helping to manage high blood pressure and angina, keeping at a healthy weight and stimulating a poor appetite as well as strengthening muscles and bones which can reduce the risk of falls and fractures.

Staying active can also help to ease discomfort if you have arthritis or Parkinson’s.

Regular exercise also boosts the production of brain chemicals that lift your mood and make you feel happy – so it can be a good way to deal with stress and anxiety.

Stamina helps you to walk longer distances, swim or mow the lawn. Strength helps you to climb stairs, carry shopping, rise from a chair and open a container. Flexibility helps you to bend, get in and out of a car, wash your hair and get dressed. Balance helps you to walk and climb steps confidently, stand from a sitting position and respond quickly if you trip.

Any amount of extra activity that’s appropriate for your age group and health makes a difference, but everyday activities like walking to the shops or doing the housework or gardening counts.

Our residents at Abbeyfield House can get involved in activities to help them stay active, from playing skittles to chairobics, and as the weather improves, they will be gardening in the raised beds.