JAM JAR ARMY: Beneficiary gets behind Safe Week

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Safe Week has been promoted before, but this year, it will be inclusive to all – children, young people, adults, the elderly and those who are vulnerable.

The message for Safe Week is to provide information and tools on how to ensure everyone who lives in Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle can be safe.

What do we mean by staying safe?

Safe can have different meanings to different people and we tend to interpret the meaning which suits or fits with our own lives or our own organisations.

The week is inclusive of how any of us interprets being safe and staying safe.

As an example, it could be keeping yourself and children safe during hot weather, using sun screen, preventing sun burn, safety in the water and keeping hydrated.

Safe is also about vulnerable people in our communities who could be at threat of being targeted from unscrupulous people like cold callers trying to sell overpriced items to the elderly or through cyber crimes, grooming young people online, bullying or people with mental-health issues.

At Abbeyfield House, we want to help make sure that Safe Week reaches as many people as possible so they have the knowledge and information to know how to keep themselves safe or how to help keep someone else stay safe.

Most importantly, who they can talk to, to get the help, support and direction they may urgently need.

The events during the week (June 5 to 11) cover summer safety, including accident prevention, self-neglect/neglect, domestic violence, mental health and sexual exploitation as well as a Safe Week walk to Cullercoats beach from Morpeth on Safeguarding Sunday.

Abbeyfield House will be participating in Purple Friday, encouraging staff and residents to dress in purple for the day and having purple-themed food and events during the week.

We think this is a very worthwhile cause to help keep our residents, family, friends and neighbours safe.

If you would like any more information, please contact Yvonne Hush at Yvonne.hush@northumberland.gov.uk or 01670 620457.