It’s looking jam-tastic!

THE Jam Jar Army is creeping towards the three-quarter mark as the Gazette’s campaign marches on towards the £10,000 target.

The total now sits just shy of £7,500 at £7,430.62 thanks to north Northumberland residents.

One reader even brought in her son’s swear jar, which contained £2.58 of spare change.

“He’s obviously been swearing quite a lot, but it has gone to a good cause,” she said.

Judith O’Reilly, the Jam Jar Army’s creator, said: “We have had an amazing response since we started.

“Gazette readers, schools, cafés, shops – you name it and they have got behind it.

“We are at point critical now. We are in the final stages so over the next couple of weeks people really need to fill those jars and get them into us with Northumberland’s very own penny jam.

“These are hard times, the great thing about our Jam Jar Army is you can give what you can afford at a time of your own choosing. We are each of us doing our bit – after all, we are in this jam together.”