‘It’s costing people money’

Potholes near the ford on the back road at Wooler by North Middleton.
Potholes near the ford on the back road at Wooler by North Middleton.

A north Northumberland garage has reported six to 10 cars a day coming in due to damage caused by potholes.

Brian Nesbit, of Redpath Tyres in Wooler, said that other garages have reported similar numbers of vehicles.

He pointed out that if you take 10 cars a day and times that by the number of garages in north Northumberland, it’s costing people a lot of money. And it has an effect on the wider economy as he has had tourists in over the Christmas period too.

“In November/December we started doing repairs and ever since then it’s gone dowhill drastically,” he said.

Further west, on the B6341 to Rothbury, now the primary route into the village due to the landslide on the B6344, a reported 28 cars were damaged by a large pothole, which has now been repaired.

Complaints have been made about the state of the road in a number of areas and even Holy Island hasn’t missed out.

Geoff Porter, editor of Lindisfarne Calling, wrote in the most recent newsletter: “Potholes left untreated between the causeway and the village since the autumn have developed and in places seeming to threaten the suspensions of unwary road users.”

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council said: “We are committed to making the funding available stretch as far as possible to maintain the whole of the county council’s highway network and assets, including bridges, footpath and drains. To do this in the most cost-effective way possible we are using new techniques, equipment and materials such as the jet patcher to repair potholes and new Tarmac surfacing mixtures.

“All potholes are considered defects on the highway and we are committed to repairing them. We are trying to move towards a programme of more permanent repairs.

“We prioritise pothole repairs according to the amount of use by vehicles, with A roads first, followed by B, C and U roads. We would expect to respond to any defect within 24 hours on major routes and within 28 days on some minor roads.”