Island hall building nearing completion

Work is progressing on Holy Island village hall.
Work is progressing on Holy Island village hall.

Holy Island residents will soon be allowed to take their first look inside the new village hall.

The building is taking shape nicely, with the glazing completed and the last of the Doddington stonework laid.

The remaining external work to be completed is the excavation of the area for the ramp and entrance stairs. This work and the installation of the upgraded main drain is being undertaken, overseen by an archaeologist.

After that is will be a case of sourcing and deciding furniture and fittings for the internal areas.

Trustee David O’Connor said: “Following a risk assessment to ensure all is safe, the trustees expect to open the building for an hour or two and allow access for a brief first look around.

“Remember it will not be finished or fitted out. However, hopefully it will give you an impression of the new hall.”