Is this Britain’s biggest pothole?

Lake Windermere pothole
Lake Windermere pothole

A councillor has laid down the gauntlet to find a bigger pothole than the one pictured.

The crater, on the C135 between Yetlington and Thistleton, in Coquetdale, has been given the nickname Lake Windermere – England’s largest lake – because of its colossal size.

And while Northumberland County Council has claimed it will be fixing its backlog of potholes by June with its new Jetpatcher technology, Rothbury councillor Steven Bridgett thinks it will take a bit more to fix this one – despite it being reported to the council last October.

Correspondence sent to all councillors last week said that local authorities are required to repair potholes within a period of two hours to 28 days, depending on the road classification.

But Coun Bridgett has asked why this one has still not been fixed.

He said: “Something that has always been a constant with potholes at County Hall in my six years there is the council’s inability to properly log, map, then follow through until a satisfactory completion of the work. This has happened on many occasions both with myself and residents who have raised it with me.

“The latest example of Lake Windermere, as we are now calling it, was reported in October 2013 and absolutely nothing has been done to resolve it.

“And because the council has left it so long, there is now simply no way a Jetpatcher can fix the problem.

“I would also throw the gauntlet down and ask if anyone can find a more substantial pothole.”

Andy Rutherford, head of highways and neighbourhood services at the council, said: “The section of road referred to is not a pothole but is an area of carriageway where the structure has collapsed at the edge. It cannot be simply filled but requires a more detailed and complex repair and a structural patch.

“The work will be carried out as part of our scheduled road maintenance programme currently under way in Rothbury. We apologise that it has not been carried out before now.”