Investment for Amble firm leads to jobs boost

Ian Lewis, Richard Telfer, Julie Porksen and Baroness Maddock.
Ian Lewis, Richard Telfer, Julie Porksen and Baroness Maddock.

A new renewable-energy business in Amble has attracted £20million in investment and will create up to 30 jobs by the end of 2015.

Ian Lewis and Richard Telfer have set up GP Power which is taking over a site on the Coquet Industrial Estate. New equipment will be on site any day now to begin processing biomass pellets for the renewable-energy sector.

The second stage of the investment will involve installing a Combined Heat and Power system which will generate additional electricity for the plant, with surplus energy being fed back in to the National Grid.

Energy-efficiency expert Baroness Diana Maddock and Lib Dem candidate for the Berwick constituency, Julie Pörksen, have visited the site.

Ms Pörksen said: “This is an exciting project and I look forward to seeing this business grow. The prospect of 30 skilled jobs being created here in Amble is fantastic. The plant will also use locally-grown wood so will support the forestry workers in Northumberland as well.”

Baroness Maddock, who is the president of the Sustainable Energy Association, added: “Julie Pörksen and I were delighted to meet Ian Lewis and Richard Telfer who are setting up this new business, which promises to bring work to Amble as well as contributing to Northumberland’s growing renewable-energy sector. I look forward to working with Ian and Richard in the future.”

Ian Lewis, founder and director of GP Power Ltd, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Baroness Maddock and Julie to the site. Our project at Amble has been a long time in planning, but we hope to move very quickly now to start the recruitment process, to commission the plant and accelerate to full production by the end of the year.”