Investigation after illegal dumping of waste in village


An inquiry is taking place after waste was illegally dumped on land at Edlingham.

Northumberland County Council and the Environment Agency have launched an inquiry after residents in the village reported seeing up to 20 trucks a day depositing waste soil in a quarry near Lemmington Hill Head Farm.

The illegal dumping has now stopped after intervention from the two agencies but there is concern that it could start again.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: “There is no permission to dump waste on that site. There have been up to 20 trucks a day coming through the village carrying tons of what we think is soil or clay.

“Representatives from the council and Environment Agency have been out and it has stopped, but how long for?”

A letter from senior enforcement officer Ketherine Robbie to residents said: “Operations to fill this quarry began some months ago but it has now been made known that the movement of the material and its disposal at the farm have not received either planning permission from Northumberland County Council or a licence from the Environment Agency and are entirely unauthorised development.

“The lane connecting Edlingham with Broome Park is far too narrow to accommodate such heavy vehicles and their presence also creates a very real hazard to pedestrians or riders passing along it.”

“The working on the site has also not included the necessary road cleaning expected of a regulated landfill site, resulting in extensive deposition of mud and clay at the site entrance bringing another danger of accident to those passing in their cars.”

It adds that the bridge at the bottom of the village is also at risk of damage.

A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said: “Our officers have visited the site and have agreed with the operator that no further waste is to be brought onto the site at this time. We are working with Northumberland County Council to further investigate the situation.”