INTERNET: Use youth to monitor web

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We have heard that Google is losing untold millions in revenue as advertisers withdraw, quite reasonably objecting to their products and services being promoted as the backdrop to extremist material.

It is, apparently, rather easy for the tech-savvie teenager to circumvent the automatic systems that Google has in place to detect such filth by embedding subliminal pictures of kittens.

Of course, once they cotton on to the reality that replacing kittens with topless ladies will move their videos into that other popular area of the Internet, the porn section, then we are all lost – kittens and puppies, long the raisons d’etre of the web.

Surely, the solution is obvious? Engage our own army of teenagers.

There are millions of youngsters who give hundreds of hours of their time to beta testing games from huge IT conglomerates, then sending in detailed fault reports. Their only reward is to receive a copy of a new game months before the rest of the youth community.

It’s easy to report a video on Youtube, or a website via Google, so why doesn’t Google offer a Paypal bounty of, say, £50 to the first person who reports an ‘unsuitable’ offering?

As a result, we will free our broadband connections from the scourge of radicalisation.

As a parent of one of these creatures, I see little to dislike in this.

Hello, are you listening Sergey Brin?

Aidan Ruff,

Lemmington Hall,