Interactive signs to curb speed in Wooler

Wooler Parish Council is gathering estimates for interactive speed signs as one of many measures to reduce speeding in the area.

It was estimated at the council’s meeting on Monday that the signs would cost £1,295 plus VAT, with further costs for installation.

It was stated that the council does currently have the funds to make the purchase.

The signs come recommended by neighbouring Milfield Parish Council.

Suggestions for their positioning have already been made by Northumberland County Council’s traffic officer.

The suggested sites are by the caravan park,on the road going north, and near 23 Cottage Road.

It was also noted at the meeting that parishioners continue to voice their complaints about motorists speeding on South Road.

During the discussion, it was agreed that the road was not plainly marked as a 30mph zone.

It was felt that many motorists thought they were on a bypass, and therefore went over the speed limit.

The possibility of road markings was debated, and Coun Brian Patterson suggested that a red band on the road would help remind motorists of the road status, ‘as would a large ‘20’ or ‘30’ painted on the road like you see in other places.’

Inquiries are to be made to the county council.

Wooler’s South Road was also the site of a visit by the speed enforcement van.

The van is part of a volunteer scheme that encourages local residents to monitor motorists’ speeds.

To do so, volunteers are given guidance and advice by police in how to use speed reading equipment, including a speed gun.

They were not taking speed readings on South Road, but rather set up the van to give out information and take inquiries from interested residents.

Recruitment to the scheme is still ongoing, and anyone wishing to join can do so through the Northumberland County Council website.