Insurance issues for dairies

Dairy farmers are being encouraged to assess their farm insurance and ensure they have sufficient cover.

Sunday, 25th March 2018, 6:16 pm
Northumberland Gazette latest

That was the key message at the Borderway Dairy Expo, held at Carlisle.

Patrick Quigley, area sales manager for H&H Insurance, said: “Investing in time to review your insurance policy can pay dividends for future eventualities.

“There are many insurance implications to any change to the business and it must be addressed.

“Recent weather events have highlighted how easy it is to be caught out, with many farmers not having sufficient cover for their existing dairy farm business, so I must stress the importance of ensuring any additional business improvements are protected.

“There are many areas of insurance that need to be reviewed.”

He added: “Many policies will only pay for a maximum of 12 months, but this may well prove inadequate and a minimum indemnity period of 24 months is recommended.

“Another detail to look at, is the contamination of milk cover, which can pick up the cost of contaminated milk on your farm, typically with a maximum of two claims in any 12 months and a gap of at least six months between claims.

“And if you are a tenant, check your Tenant’s Legal Liability cover.”