Inspector calls it a day

Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Sue Peart .
Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector Sue Peart .

A POLICE inspector who has been at the helm of reducing crime in Alnwick and north Northumberland for the last four years has retired for a life in the south of France.

Sue Peart was the Alnwick Neighbourhood Inspector and oversaw a number of major incidents and events in the area during her time here.

She was responsible for leading the local policing team during the hunt for gunman Raoul Moat in Rothbury in 2010, giving residents in the village a point of contact in case of concern.

Chief Constable Sue Sim, who was Acting Chief Constable at the time, praised Insp Peart for her work.

She was also involved in policing the Queen’s visit to Alnwick in June last year and has launched numerous initiatives, projects and operations to crack down on nuisance drivers, poaching, beach parties and more.

She said: “I have been in charge of policing the area for over four years and am very proud of what we have achieved. I now no longer need to show false modesty and I can say that Alnwick sector is one of the best performing and well-respected sectors in the whole of the Northumbria Police force area.

“We have brought crime down by record levels each year, but what sets us apart is the innovation we show. While there is still a long way to go, we excel in many areas and have been recognised nationally as a beacon of good practice – Farm Watch, the volunteers, Speedwatch, the young drivers’ Facebook campaign and the motor cycle campaign are only a few examples.

“This area has some of the best detection rates in the country, the officers who serve the public here do a fantastic job, they are committed and really care. I only hope that the community appreciate this and take time to look at policing in other areas, they will soon see just how good the police are here at Alnwick.

“I would like to thank everyone who I have worked with during my time at Alnwick, especially the dedicated partners from community safety, the fire service and education.

“I am grateful for the support I have been given by local councillors, parish councils and key community contacts but my main thanks go to my police teams – they are amazing.”

Insp Peart is moving to Gascony in the foothills of the Pyrenees in south west France.

Sergeant Graham Vickers will be Acting Inspector until a replacement for Insp Peart is appointed.