Inquest hears that farmer was killed in quad accident

Liz McIntosh.
Liz McIntosh.

A north Northumberland farmer was killed when her quad bike and trailer overturned and crushed her.

At an inquest into the death of Liz McIntosh, of West Todholes Farm, near Elsdon, north Northumberland coroner Tony Brown recorded a verdict of accidental death.

The incident occurred on Friday, January 11, this year – just a week before her 65th birthday – and was described at the time, by her brother John Boon, as a ‘bit of a mystery’.

But the inquest at Berwick Magistrates’ Court heard that she had got off the quad bike to open a gate.

The vehicle may well have not had its handbrake on and started to roll before overturning and crushing her. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The cause of death was given as traumatic aphyxia – her chest was crushed, meaning that she couldn’t breathe.

Divorced Ms McIntosh, who did not have any children, had owned the farm at Elsdon for more than 30 years and was helped by Andrew Tully on a day-to-day basis.

Her brother, Mr Boon, 63, said: “She was always an outdoor girl and a proper country person. She was a conservationist.

“She loved the trees, plants and animals and was very knowledgeable.”

Ms McIntosh was born in Newcastle and studied geography at Newcastle University before doing a diploma in landscape design.

She worked for Berwickshire County Council and went on to study a forestry degree. She also worked for the Forestry Commission.

She set up her own company, Forest Design Services, and among other projects was commissioned in 2008 by Scottish Woodland to evaluate the tree-planting plan at Threestoneburn Forest on the eastern edge of the Cheviot Hills.