Innovative talk-in to be hosted in Wooler

The Cheviot Centre in Wooler.
The Cheviot Centre in Wooler.

The Cheviot Centre in Wooler is hosting an innovative talk via You Tube today from 1.30pm to 3pm.

If the pilot session is successful, a series of informative talks and guest lectures are planned as part of its Remote Learning programme.

The talk is about Erwin James, who committed his first crime of breaking and entering when he was 10. His petty crime turned increasingly violent, culminating in him being jailed for life in 1984.

Entering prison at 27, James struggled to come to terms with the enormity of his crimes. Then he met Joan, a prison psychologist, who helped him to confront his past. Her sessions transformed his life. Encouraged to read and to educate himself, over the next 20 years Erwin would go on to receive a BA in history, and become a regular columnist for the Guardian.

A discussion will follow where guests will be invited to explore their thoughts.