Industrial estate is a ‘wilderness’ and ‘disgraceful’

Long grass at Amble's Coquet Enterprise Park.
Long grass at Amble's Coquet Enterprise Park.

Concerns have been raised about the ‘disgraceful’ appearance of Amble’s industrial estate, which is plagued by ‘litter, fly-tipping and three-foot-high grass’.

Resident Judith Stephenson wrote to Amble Town Council criticising the shoddy state of Coquet Enterprise Park.

Her letter, read out to members at the July meeting by clerk Elaine Brown, stated: ‘I wonder if anything can be done about the industrial estate with regards to grass cutting?

‘Where there are large expanses of grass, it looks like a wilderness and the entrance to the estate is no better as people have begun to fly-tip on the site of the demolished factory.

“Weeds and litter are in abundance and the sight of this is certainly no encouragement to anyone looking to bring business here’.

She said that the grass adjacent to Lindisfarne Road has only been cut once since last September – in May this year – while grass nearest to one of the units on the site was well over three-feet-tall and had not been cut since September.

Coun Helen Lewis agreed with the criticism. She said: “A lot of the areas on the industrial estate are absolutely dreadful.”

The town council wants to meet Arch – The Northumberland Company to discuss the situation and find out what it is going to do about grass cutting. Arch has a number of sites/premises on the industrial estate.

Coun Lewis said: “I have grave concerns about the state of it and how regularly Arch will cut the grass. Certain parts of the estate aren’t under Arch’s ownership – some are privately owned – but some areas that Arch is supposed to cut haven’t been cut and bits that have been cut haven’t been cut very well.”