Inconsiderate parking near Alnmouth Station leads to bus drama

The Arriva bus trapped on Curly Lane last week.
The Arriva bus trapped on Curly Lane last week.

This picture shows the nightmare scenario that an Arriva X18 driver faced last week, after inconsiderate parking blocked the route on Curly Lane, Hipsburn, heading towards Alnmouth Station.

An Arriva spokesman said: “Our driver reported an incident on Tuesday last week, when his bus was unable to pass due to parked cars on both sides of the road.

“We would urge residents to park cars considerately so as to not disrupt services and our passengers.”

Parking issues around Alnmouth Station have long been an issue and the latest incident sparked comment on Facebook.

Among the posts, Shirley Ann Banks said: “We were stuck behind the bus and had to reverse and go round the other way. They shouldn’t be parking like that. What if the fire engine was needed in Curly Lane?”

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