Impact of Brexit on farming and concerns over ambulance service

Anne-Marie Trevelyan
Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Following her maiden Commons speech on Monday, the new Berwick MP has sought assurances for farmers in north Northumberland over the prospect of the UK leaving the EU as well as raising concerns about poor ambulance response times.

Yesterday, Anne-Marie Trevelyan repeated her call for an urgent review of the protocol which prevents paramedics being called to attend even category-one emergencies if they are on breaks. She raised these issues in the House of Commons with the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, highlighting the case of 16-year-old Kyle Lowes.

In response, Mr Hunt welcomed Mrs Trevelyan’s work campaigning on these matters and said: “That is a tragic case and we need to look at those rules. I will take that up and see what we can do.”

Speaking during the farming debate on Monday, Mrs Trevelyan, in her first question in the House of Commons, asked the Defra Minister Rory Stewart: “Can the Minister answer a question asked to me time and again by my farming constituents in north Northumberland over recent months, of which many are upland sheep farmers, which is how would this Government choose to support our farmers if the nation votes to leave the European Union in 2017?”

Mr Stewart, who represents Penrith and The Border, said that the country must continue to provide ‘deep support for farmers’, adding; “It would be dangerous, whether we remain in the European Union or leave it, if we ended up vesting our responsibility in the EU. We must take responsibility ourselves; we must say we believe in the support farmers currently get from Europe, and, whatever happens in the vote, we must continue to provide it.”

Speaking after the debate, Mrs Trevelyan said: “I welcome the response and reassurance given by Rory Stewart to my question and his expressed commitment to our farmers. I know that a lot of farmers are concerned at the uncertainty over our continued membership of the EU, even though they would welcome being freed from the needless red tape. It is important that this Conservative Government makes it clear that we will continue to support and invest in our farming community regardless of the outcome of the referendum and demonstrate that they have nothing to fear.”