Ill-health forces ex-Mayor to stand down

Eileen Blakey
Eileen Blakey

A TOWN councillor, who will always have Alnwick in her heart, has resigned with immediate effect due to ill-health.

Eileen Blakey, who was the first councillor to be elected as Mayor for two years, stood down from her seat at the beginning of the week.

“It was a decision I didn’t take lightly,” she said.

“I spent a long time thinking about it and it was the only feasible way.

“I felt under pressure, not from other councillors, but from myself and it is all down to ill-health.”

Eileen, 61, has sat on the town council for the Clayport ward for the last 12 years and is an honorary alderman for Alnwick District Council.

She has been heavily involved in the town’s twinning with Lagny in France and Voerde in Germany.

“It have met some absolutely wonderful people,” she said.

Her favourite event during her reign has been the 700th anniversary of the Percy family.

“Being involved in that as Mayor was fantastic and the children that were there were fantastic,” she added.

“I have had a lovely time on the council and I have lived around Alnwick and district for 42 years. It has always been in my heart and always will be.

“If I see things not being done right I will be giving them hell.

“It is a very sad time for me but I have got to regroup and get my health back up to speed.

“I will miss all the comaraderie of the council.”

Mayor of Alnwick, Alan Symmonds, said: “Our first thought is a firm and sincere wish that she gets back to full health.

“Her resignation comes as a blow to the council as we receive so much support from her.

“Eileen is a character, in the nicest sense of the word. Someone who has given excellent public service and it is right that we celebrate and appreciate all the work that she has done for the people of Alnwick.”