‘I only hit her three times’ thug tells court

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A THUG who admitted attacking a woman after losing control has disputed how many times he punched her.

Despite pleading guilty to assault by beating, Nicholas Stuart Redpath claimed he hit Julie Charlton three times – as opposed to the six or seven blows she said she received.

The 23-year-old, from High Street in Wooler, also denied grabbing her round the throat during the attack, after he had burst into a house in the village and beat her inside the property.

But during a court hearing on Monday, magistrates at Berwick said they believed the assault, which happened on October 17 last year, was more severe than Redpath claimed.

They adjourned the case for probation reports.

Giving evidence, the victim, who has been left with a scar on her eyebrow, said: “He walked into the house. I was sitting on the sofa and he punched me in the face.”

She added that Redpath ‘grabbed her by the throat’ and she fell to the ground.

“He punched me in the head about six times while I was on the floor.

“I was shouting for him to get out of the house and he just got up and walked out,” added the victim, who told the court that she used to go out with the defendant’s brother.

A statement by paramedic Ron Blacklock, who attended the scene, said the victim had blood on her, a cut on her forehead and bruising on the inside of her lower lip, as well as on her neck and chin.

Redpath admitted drinking two pints on the night of the attack.

He said: “I entered the house and she was sitting on the sofa. I lost control. I ran over to her and struck her once. She pushed herself on the floor.

“I stood over her. I was shouting in her face that I thought she was poison and that she was out to mess with people’s lives.

“I struck her two more times, once to the chin and one that caused a cut to her eye. But at no point did I grab her by the throat.

“She shouted at me to leave the house and I snapped out of it and I left.”

John Brown, defending, said that the victim’s injuries were not consistent with being punched six or seven times to the face.

Magistrates said they believed the complainant’s version of events as they were the ‘most plausible’ and accepted the evidence given by Mr Blacklock, adding that he had ‘significant training and experience’.

They said there was no evidence to suggest any other cause for the bruising on her neck.

Redpath is due to appear back in court today for sentencing.