‘I cannot believe so-called dog lovers behave like this’

The piles of dog muck collected and bagged-up by Dave Moor.
The piles of dog muck collected and bagged-up by Dave Moor.

Disgusting and shocking – this picture shows the 14 piles of dog dirt which were collected on a village seafront by ONE resident in just SEVEN days.

To highlight just how bad the problem is in Seahouses, frustrated Dave Moor decided to bag up the lumps of muck on behalf of filthy pet owners who failed to scoop their pooches’ poop.

His snap – a line up of the doggy deposits he gathered – is a damning portrayal of the dog-poo crisis plaguing the village, which is a popular resort for tourists.

Disgusted Dave has slammed the behaviour of the culprits, claiming their filthy antics beggar belief.

Worryingly, he says this is not an isolated case and has described the state of some of the muck left in the nearby sand dunes as unmentionable.

The 64-year-old, who lives in Seahouses and owns two border terriers, told the Gazette: “This picture is a snap of 14 separate acts of fouling between Thursday, April 30, and Wednesday, May 6.

“I picked up and bagged each of these specimens on the seafront path. I cannot believe that some so-called dog lovers treat the village in this way.

“Sadly, this practice can be seen everywhere in the village and another favourite dumping ground is Rotary Way, which runs from Broad Road up to North Sunderland.

“It also appears to be an ever-growing problem all over the countryside.”

Dave, who goes out early in the morning with other dog owners, told the Gazette: “We regularly find deposits on the sand and some of the detritus that we now come across in the dunes is unmentionable.

“I believe that it is safe to presuppose that this detritus is being left behind by the ever increasing number of overnighters parked up in their mobile homes at the roadside from the Broad Road end towards Bamburgh.”

He said he has never caught owners who did not pick up after their pets in the act, but added: “Heaven help them if I do!”