Hurdles of music world continue

Northumberland musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th December 2016, 11:43 am
Derek Allan.
Derek Allan.

October 7

The gig in Sunderland was cancelled. It is another great music venue lost as people move on and can no longer fight for their venue to stay open in the hope that live music will be big again. It is always sad for all involved, and made worse because we are all friends.

I am back to writing today and lots of reading as I feel like a writer again. I just need to make time for it and prepare my brain for making up stories again and putting in the big hours until the book is written in what could be months or a year.

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We Steal Flyers songs on Spotify are doing well, all passing 1,000 plays. You can see/hear me free on there.

October 8

I am sad about Durham being kicked out of the league. I suppose it is the way life is. Being at Chester le Street today, close to the ground, meant there were lots of people talking about it.

It just reminds me that we have to look after each other, make friends and share loves.

We had a great gig and our fan-base is bigger by the day. You can feel it all coming together. We Steal Flyers are doing well in the music business and this means more gig offers, along with some easy and hard choices.

October 9

It was early to rise to prepare for a cross-country run for Rebecca. She loves running for Blyth. Her team vest was put on and she was off to Druridge Bay to run a mile.

I walked there with Ellie. It is a good place for Rebecca to have her first official race as we live here and walk it a lot. She came in last, but this was not sad. She was the youngest and newest, and the only one of her age for Blyth. There were well over 1,000 people there, it was amazing, so many runners and supporters.

We spotted a tombola and bought tickets. The money is for a new roof for the information centre or we lose it. This is sad news. I need to find a way to help, but it looks like April is the best month for us to work on something. I hope we do not lose the centre.

Rebecca wanted her time written down so she could work on it with Melanie and I. She is super excited.

I played a gig at The Lake in South Shields, and Rebecca, Ellie, Melanie and her parents went to the Sunderland lights. They all loved them again. I like knowing that others are doing well and being happy.

October 10

It’s green tea and a deep breath to start every week and hope the plans work out. Some amazing musicians are asking for gigs with Acoustic Magic. We have not the money or venues to put them all in, but it is hard saying no.

The open mic night in Seaton Sluice was a calm one so I ran through some songs with Shaggy. At the same time Rebecca was at her running club. I hate missing things, but it was just a practice.

I also had to get some songs ready for the 24-hour Buskers’ night with Sam and Mel, happening at the weekend. There are many hours to fill and if during some of it there is no one there, the music must not stop.

I also need to organise a solo set so I have written an EP.

October 11

It was a steady day for gigs coming in. Booking a tour can take many months just to organise three gigs away. Then you hope they all honour the booking and that live music is still played there by the time the dates arrive.

The We Steal Flyers gig in Yarm was a good gig for a Tuesday. It is always nice to go there.

Yanic, of Iron Maiden, called in. He is a wonderful person and I love Iron Maiden, although with so much choice now I do not have time to hear them as much as I used to.