Hunt for missing dog continues

THE search for a north Northumberland family’s missing dog, now in its third week, continues to capture the imagination of people nationwide.

Lulu, a 14-month-old cockerpoo belonging to the Clarks, disappeared from the family home in Lucker at 8.30am on Thursday, December 29.

But the hunt for the beloved family pet has taken on a life of its own online with a Facebook group and Twitter campaigns to spead the word of her disappearance.

The Facebook group, Help Find Lulu, now has over 1,400 members, many of whom are trying to get other media to take up the story.

And on Twitter, messages are being passed on by high-profile groups such as The Kennel Club, which has over 7,000 followers.

This morning Claire Clark said that there were no new leads on Lulu yet.

“There’s about 1,400 members (of the Facebook group) and if they are all sharing it, it’s great just to get her face out there and hopefully we will get that phone call to say she’s been found,” she said.

“It’s a support thing as well because people share their stories, some of which are good ones about dogs being found, so it keeps your spirits up.”

Lulu was a Christmas present for eight-year-old Nell in 2010, but ‘everyone who came into contact with her just loves her’, according to mum Claire.

The family is offering a £400 reward for the safe return of their dog and anyone with any information is asked to call 01668 219806.