Howick WI, September meeting

TASTY TREATS: Another summer over and already the smell of autumn is in the air.

Members of Howick WI all gathered in our newly-refurbished Copeley Hall and how smart it looked too.

After a very noisy start, Winnie called us to order and we sang Jerusalem.The minutes from our July meeting were read and signed.

Fiona swiftly got down to all the invitations which had come in over the summer.

Dominoes in Lesbury, a singing poet in Alnmouth, a craft day in Shilbottle and public speaking at Cresswell House. We were reminded about the County Day on October 29.

Winnie then welcomed our speaker for the evening, Mary Manners.

We couldn’t have chosen a better evening for a food demonstration. Smells, were soon wafting around the Copeley Hall. We were all simply stunned at the ease Mary created dish after dish of both hot and cold food, chatting at the same time, telling us lots of stories about her love of food and of seeing the residents in a local old people’s home, where she is a cook, enjoying tasting dishes from around the world.

Our mouths were watering and tummies rumbling and we couldn’t believe our luck when Mary asked us to eat so much as we could.

The supper talk was growning with delicious food. Tea was served and a wonderful evening was enjoyed by all.

Heather won the competition with her pumpkin. We all agreed it was a super evening and Mary Manners was a very good speaker, I think she will be on the programme for next year, with a bit of luck.