Howick WI, February meeting

TOE TWIDDLING: We very nearly had a full house for the February meeting of Howick WI and, with two visitors, the sound of Jerusalem was loud and clear in the Copely Hall.

There was quite a lot to discuss and Fiona swiftly got down to work.

There were two guided walks coming up in April and one included afternoon tea.

Denman College are offering a bursary and Deborah took the brochure as she was interested.

Winnie said she would go to the Spring Council Meeting as our representative.

Winnie also reported that a WI are coming to Howick for a talk and tour of the gardens. They enquired about our WI providing tea and we all agreed that it would be a good idea and a way of making some money.

There was a good response to offers of help and people who were unable to help on the day were more than willing to bake cakes.

Our speaker for the evening was Sarah-Jane Campbell, a reflexologist.

She introduced herself and told us how she became interested in the ancient art that has been practised for about 5,000 years.

It originated in China, where it is still practised daily today. The style that Sarah-Jane uses comes from America.

Hands shot up in the air when she asked if anyone would like to have a taster.

Caroline was the first lucky lady to be at the receiving end of Sara-Jane’s powerful fingers.Winnie was next to be in the reclining chair, followed by April and Fiona.

They all seemed to enjoy the relaxing experience reflexology is and if nobody had tried it before certainly Sarah-Jane was the best person to introduce them to the art of ‘toe twiddling.’

Supper followed, but sadly not with Yorkshire Tea for much longer. The tea company are stopping our free supplies, I suppose this is cost-cutting due to the credit crunch, watch this space to see which will be our new amber nectar but then being in Howick really it should be Earl Grey.

The raffle was won by Heather. Deborah won the competition.