Howick WI

DOUBLE DELIGHT: Howick WI’s December meeting is always special. We had Kirsty Hargreaves to cater for us in the splendour of Howick Hall.

We all arrived about 7pm. Every one of us looked very smart and we were greeted with a choice of sherry or wine.

It was a full house, every member was able to attend, unlike last year when the snow caused so many problems.

Most of us enjoyed smoked salmon to start, the rest enjoyed vegetable soup. Turkey and all the trimmings followed and we all agreed it was the best meal we had had.

Dessert was also a delight. We had a choice of lemon cheesecake, fresh fruit roulade or Bailey brulee. Yum.

Crackers were pulled and then we all opened our Secret Santa gifts. Some of us had some amazing presents.

We retired to the drawing room and Fiona had us playing a game on a similar theme to charades.

We were hopeless and couldn’t do a lot for laughing. Joyce was a star turn.

Janette then produced a pass the parcel, always a favourite, especially when every layer of paper has a chocolate treat.

Anne Thorndyke was the eventual winner of a rather racy pair of red frilly knickers.

There was no time for our Christmas quiz as it was time for home.

We thanked Lady Howick for so generously giving her home to us for the evening and we all left for home.

We had an extra meeting the following night. We weren’t as glam as the night before, but we were all ready with armfuls of greenery to make a festive decoration.

A lady called Jane came to show us what to do. We all had great fun and even though there was a lot of chat we managed to produce some very splendid Christmas arrangements.

Supper was a buffet, more food, we certainly eat well at Howick.

We ended the year with the quiz we should have had the night before.

Our next meeting is our programme meeting and we are meeting at Suzanne’s house.

May 2012 be peaceful for us all.