How Jiu Jitsu club trained a Dragon

A North Shields business has received a boost from retail entrepreneur Theo Paphitis.
Anne Haswell with Theo Paphitis.Anne Haswell with Theo Paphitis.
Anne Haswell with Theo Paphitis.

In January, Jonathan Poulter, a 32-year-old school teacher and owner of Serenity Jiu Jitsu, tweeted Mr Paphitis about his martial art gym during ‘Small Business Sunday’ and gained a retweet by the former Dragon to his 500,000 Twitter followers the following day.

Recently, Mr Poulter’s partner, Anne Haswell, a 31-year-old business analyst, attended Mr Paphitis’ annual small business event aimed to inspire, support and congratulate small business owners.

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Anne, on behalf of Serenity Jiu Jitsu, received their coveted certificate and photograph with the main man himself!

Anne said: “It was a great opportunity to attend an event with like-minded small business owners hosted by such a high profiled businessman, that not only did we meet and greet Mr Paphitis, we also heard from business experts.

“We were told that 2018 is the year to make your business fit for purpose and fit for the future. It’s so important that small business owners look after their customers by always giving the best version of yourself and give it everything you have”.

As a result of the ongoing publicity and the Small Business Sunday community, the martial art gym has gained more Twitter followers and gym members

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Mr Paphitis said: “We are thrilled to welcome new #SBS members such as Serenity Jiu Jitsu and use it as a platform to highlight just how important it is to support our UK small businesses. I wish Serenity Jiu Jitsu every success.”