How exactly is the landowner subsidising this Coastguard plan?

IN response to last week’s Gazette story headlined ‘One man is standing in way of new station’, could I ask if George F White is looking to take up a sideline with his comedic statements?

Does he seriously expect the public to believe that he would have afforded deputy station officer Paul Sparrow any time whatsoever to air his views in a face-to-face meeting when he has already dismissed representatives from the MCA and increased offers from Northern Powergrid.

And would he also want us to believe that Mr Sparrow’s appeal for compromise would be looked on favourably, when Mr White and the landowner have left local Coastguards sweating on a ‘yes’ decision for several months, as deadlines for finances from the MCA passed despite appeals for a resolution? Somehow, I think not.

If Mr White finds it ‘hugely disappointing’ that Mr Sparrow has expressed his views to the press rather than justify them directly, then maybe he should take five minutes of his rather expensive time to ask himself why these volunteers have sought the support of local press to highlight a cause and make the public aware of an injustice that most in the community deem a disgrace.

Could we also have an explanation as to the quote ‘there is no reason why my client should subsidise this or any other public service’, because apart from the taxes that we all contribute to, I am at a loss to understand how he can be directly subsidising this project.

The land in question has no crops or livestock on it and Northern Powergrid has previously stated its intent to return the area to its pre-disturbed state. It seems like money for nothing to me.

Would it be rude to ask, while we are on the subject of subsidies, if the landowner has/does receive government payments, as I would find Mr White’s quote on subsidising public services a little bemusing.

Would it be cynical to ask if the public were paying for the same piece of land twice, once in subsidy form and the other in remuneration from the MCA/Northern Powergrid?

In holding out for more money, I would hope that this is one gamble that does not pay off for those holding up the process.

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