How about this bloom for the tallest sunflower prize?

Sunflower picture from Helen Ruff
Sunflower picture from Helen Ruff

If ever there was a contender for the tallest sunflower, then this bloom would certainly be right up there.

As these pictures show, the plant has reached a dizzying height – by sprouting way above the ground from the side of Lemmington Hall, near Edlingham.

Sunflower picture from Helen Ruff

Sunflower picture from Helen Ruff

The specimen is growing multiple stories up the building, close to one of the roof turrets.

Helen Ruff, from the historic property, saw the sunflower and decided to send a picture of it into the Gazette.

She said: “I spotted it on the side of the house. I have no idea how it ended up there.

“I imagine a bird left its mark and somehow its sprouted despite all the odds.

“It certainly is an ambitious attempt to reach dizzy heights.

“Not sure if it would count in the tallest sunflower competition. It is a bit cheesy, but I think it makes one smile.”

l Earlier this month, the Gazette revealed the winners of our annual Sunflower Challenge. Taking the 2014 crown were cousins Livia Wilson Roper, 11, Myles Wilson Roper, seven, Eleanor Armstrong, seven, Max Bridge, six, and Emilia Bowden, seven months.

They had grown a 12ft 1in whopper at their grandparents’ Gordon and Sandra Wilson’s house at Royal Oak Gardens, in Alnwick.

They won the top prize of a £25 WHSmith voucher, presented nearly a fortnight ago.