Housing row rages on

A DISPUTE over plans to build three new homes in a Northumberland coastal village continues to rage after the parish council offered its support to a village green application.

The Beadnell Harbour Fishermen’s Society wants to build three new houses on the Haven and White Rock sites in Beadnell but objectors, under the banner of the Save Beadnell Association, are working to have the two areas dedicated as village greens.

At last Wednesday’s meeting of Beadnell Parish Council, 26 of the 28 members of the public there offered their support to the application, with the other two abstaining.

The clerk confirmed that a letter of support from the parish council, one of the statutory consultees, has been sent to the county council.

James Williamson, of the Save Beadnell Association, said that the support of the parish council was a positive step for the village green applications.

John Wall, secretary of the Beadnell Harbour Fishermen’s Society, said: “The actual area of land they have applied for as village greens is very large.

They have applied on land which is in several different ownerships and has had several different uses.

“Ours has been used as industrial land but I think it’s wrong that there’s one application for several different land ownerships with different uses.”

Separate to the village green applications, three applications to have routes on the two proposed sites declared public rights of way will be decided at the county council’s Rights of Way Committee tomorrow.

One connects two points on Harbour Road while the other two join Harbour Road and the beach east of White Rock.