Housing on offer in Northumberland village set to improve still further

Lint Gardens during the final stages of development last November.
Lint Gardens during the final stages of development last November.

Planning permission has been given for five homes on the site of the former boys’ club in Alnmouth, which is set to be demolished.

As reported by the Gazette, the bid for a short terrace of five two-storey linked houses with detached garages and visitor parking was submitted towards the end of last year.

In 2011, Northumberland Estates was awarded planning permission for 10 apartments on the site, but then sold the site on to Sturton Grange Developments.

The firm is also behind a 13-home scheme on the opposite side of Foxton Road on the former allotments site, where the first phase of affordable homes, known as Lint Gardens, has been completed.

All seven of the affordable properties are now occupied, having attracted 37 applicants.

The proposals that have been approved across the road are envisaged as a ‘sister development’ to Lint Gardens and the proposed name is Scholefield Place, in memory of Mrs Scholefield, who donated the boys’ club to the seaside village in 1938.

The original Estates bid for apartments was due to the limited size of the site, but subsequent market research ‘concluded that there is little demand for flats in Alnmouth’.

However, there is high demand for traditional housing as well as for more modern low-cost homes better served by garaging and parking.

Therefore, Sturton Grange Developments bought additional land to the west and to the north to expand the site and allow for new houses.

Meanwhile, 12 allotments being developed behind Lint Gardens are nearly ready for use and applications are being accepted. Contact Ruth Finney at Northumberland Estates on 01665 51077.