HOUSING: Local families also in need

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I note that Daljit Lally and Coun Peter Jackson have reacted with speed to offer housing to families from the wealthy borough of Kensington and Chelsea, (Northumberland Gazette, June 22).

Well done, highly commendable.

Meanwhile, the county council is not so quick to answer the needs of some of its own tenants living in Alnwick in need of re-housing.

In particular, a family with a child suffering from leukaemia (two different types) has housing needs.

The family needs a three-bedroom house so that the boy has his own bedroom to reduce picking up infection and to house the many pieces of equipment.

The house is to be re-roofed, but he has to be protected from dust.

The family was recently able to take a much-needed holiday and returned to find the house flooded, allegedly due to a malfunctioning ballcock overflow pipe. Plaster will have to be replaced (dusty), not to mention carpets and wallpaper.

Where is the alternative accommodation for them? This family, too, has desperate needs.

Heather Cairns,