HOUSING: Life-line’s been put on hold

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I understand from an article last week that the plan to build 51 rentable homes in Amble has been put on hold, (Northumberland Gazette, June 15).

Yet the plans for a 30-bedroom hotel and a 150-seat restaurant are going ahead, and two major housing schemes have been formally submitted to Northumberland County Council for more than 450 new houses to be built, with only 25 of those being classed as ‘affordable housing’.

I’m sorry, but this is an utter disgrace in my opinion.

Amble, and the surrounding area, is suffering from a severe shortage of affordable, long-term, rental accommodation, and if you are in my position, single with no children, the chances of finding a one-bedroom rental of any description, well, it’s like finding ‘gold at the end of the rainbow’.

There are many people in my position for whom buying a property is not an option, for whatever reason, and these 51 houses would have been a major life-line to a long-term, affordable home. Now that life-line has been put on hold.

I completely understand that local residents were unhappy about the proposed location of this development, but surely somewhere in Amble, or its surrounds, there must be an area of land where they can build a small housing development for local people who, for whatever reason, need to rent a decent house, rather than buy one.

It’s time to start looking after everyone who lives in this area, not just those who qualify for a mortgage.

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