HOUSING: Gap in rental provision

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I write in response to Jeff Watson’s reply to my letter regarding low cost rental accommodation in Amble, (Northumberland Gazette, June 29).

Coun Watson states that the 51 houses that Arch proposed to build in Amble were not affordable homes, yet this is exactly what Arch states it provides, affordable housing.

To be honest, even if these houses were going to be private, unassisted properties, the point is they were available to rent and not to buy, which is something this area desperately needs.

I understand the objections to the proposed site of these houses, but the point I was trying to make was this; surely out of all the 450 houses that are being proposed to Northumberland County Council, there should be a provision that some of these are long-term, affordable rental accommodation for local people.

I said in my original letter, getting a one-bed, rented affordable house/flat is practically impossible. What I maybe should have said is that, in the Amble/Hadston area, getting affordable rental accommodation of any size is practically impossible.

I will repeat what I said previously, it is time that the local authorities, planners, etc, started taking into consideration people who need long-term rental accommodation, not just those who are in a position to qualify for a mortgage.

Linda Hammond,

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