HOSPITAL: Time for MP to speak out

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I found the option to pass the closure of our local hospital beds at Rothbury rather ‘bitter-sweet’.

First, I thought what is the point as I do not suppose the Health Secretary even knows or cares about our local hospital, or would in any way support keeping the beds open?

But then I thought no, we have a Conservative MP in the area, our representative in Parliament, and I am sure a lot of people in Coquetdale must have voted for her.

So here, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, is your chance to represent those voters and get 100 per cent behind the campaign to keep this facility open for the people of the area.

So far, I have heard very little from you about this, and certainly not anything like the level you have campaigned at to dual the A1.

I think this to be a vital facility in Coquetdale and surely will be enhanced further with the proposed arrival of the doctor’s surgery on site as we would have doctors, medical staff and hospital facilities all under one roof.

Finally, I think the ‘under used’ excuse for closure to be very tenuous as this is an excellent, modern facility within the NHS, which could be used far more effectively, as was intended.

Over to you, Mrs Trevelyan.

James Robinson,