Horror as pet cat attacked

A devastated cat owner has spoken of her horror after her beloved cat was mauled by a dog, leaving it with severe muscle damage.

Rothbury resident Jen Tait’s six-year-old cat was attacked sometime between the evening of October 9 and the morning of October 11.

The incident follows reports of a number of cats which have possibly come into contact with garden poison in the area.

Jen, of Addycombe Gardens, said: “Cats are not fair game.”

Speaking after her cat was badly hurt in the attack, Jen added: “She suffered a lot of muscle damage. The vet said her recovery will be a long process and she might not make a full recovery.

“The vet said it was a dog which had done it and the dog had a good hold of her.

“There is either a dangerous dog on the loose or we have a very dangerous owner.”

In relation to the suspected poisonings, a police spokesman said they had received one report of a cat dying and another of a cat becoming seriously ill in the Rothbury area.

He added: “We are looking to see if the animals have come into contact with some kind of garden poison.

“We are working with Natural England and carrying out inquiries in the local area. At this stage, there is nothing to suggest any criminal activity has taken place.”