HONOURS: Recognition is well deserved

Last week's letter from Ann Wrangham criticising the award of an OBE to Daljit Lalley plumbs the depths.

Her reasons for seeking an overhaul of the honours system amount to a letter she didn’t like and a negative NHS experience, irrelevant matters that say a great deal more about Ms Wrangham than they do about the ill-chosen victim of her attack.

I am quite certain, without consulting any of them, that councillors of all political parties at County Hall hold Daljit Lalley in the utmost regard and recognise her astonishing capacity for work and responsibility allied to a calm, determined and incredibly down to earth personality.

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I think her OBE is testimony to the honours system working extremely well in this instance, and to think it proves otherwise demonstrates lamentable judgment.

Ms Wrangham may expect us to applaud the tide of opinionated letters that frequently appear here with her name on them, but in my view they are insignificant compared to the three letters now appearing after Daljit’s, the deserved recognition of wiser heads who knew and assessed her consummately well.

Gordon Castle,

County councillor,

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