Home sweet home for brewing firm

Alnwick Brewery Company has come back home, after finding premises on the outskirts of the town.

Alnwick Brewery workers in around 1900.
Alnwick Brewery workers in around 1900.

The company is delighted to announce the return of its production to the Alnwick area, at Hawkhill Industrial Estate, alongside VIP Brewery, founded in 2011 by Phil Bell.

Alnwick Brewery traces its origins back to the 1840s and to the-then Thompson & Davidson’s, who were appointed brewers to the Duke of Northumberland from their brewery in Alnwick, which is now The Maltings development, opposite Morrisons.

They became incorporated in 1890 when taking on the limited liability status and formally adopting the name The Alnwick Brewery Company Limited (ABC).

ABC was later acquired by Drybroughs, but shut down in the late 1900s.

However, ABC was brought back, firstly in name in 2003 by Ian Linsley, the son of the former director, who had dreams of one day bringing its brewing back to Alnwick.

Subsequent years saw ABC re-establish itself, all while looking for its own brewing home in the town.

Now, that home has been found at Hawkhill, and ABC and VIP are brewing from units E and F.

Phil has a team of seven, and moving forward, it is intended that all brewing will be undertaken in the name of Alnwick Brewery.