Holystone mentioned in House of Lords

Viscount  Matt Ridley
Viscount Matt Ridley

A Northumberland campaign for improved communication infrastructure has been highlighted in the House of Lords.

During a debate on superfast broadband, Viscount Matt Ridley highlighted Digital Coquetdale’s campaign for better broadband and mobile service in their area.

He said: “While I warmly welcome the rollout of superfast broadband throughout the country, what words of comfort does my noble friend have for the inhabitants of Upper Coquetdale, running up to the Scottish border in Northumberland, particularly in the villages of Alnham, Alwinton, Hepple, Holystone, Netherton and Sharperton, who have not only no broadband but no mobile coverage? They are in a ‘not spot’ and there are no plans for them to get out of it yet.”

The Digital Coquetdale group approached Viscount Ridley for comment for a white paper that they are researching and writing.