Holy Island crossing times

FROM TODAY (Thursday, January 5)

Today: 1.20am to 10.15am and 2.10pm to 10.40pm

Tomorrow: 2.40am to 11am and 3.30pm to 11.25pm

Saturday: 3.50am to 11.40am and 4.35pm to 12am (Sun)

Sunday: 4.55am to 12.15pm and 5.35pm to 12.30am (Mon)

Monday: 5.50am to 12.45am and 6.25pm to 1am (Tue)

Tuesday: 6.40am to 1.15pm and 7.10pm to 1.35am (Wed)

Wednesday: 7.25am to 1.50pm and 7.50pm to 2.15am (Thu)

Thursday: 8.10am to 2.25pm and 8.30pm to 2.55am (Fri)


Tides are for Amble harbour, for Seahouses take off 36 minutes, for Berwick take off 43. Heights given are in metres above chart datum, tides may vary according to weather conditions.


Today: 12am – 4.1m and 12.40pm – 4.2m

Tomorrow: 1.01am – 4.2m and 1.28pm – 4.4m

Saturday: 1.49am – 4.4m and 2.08pm – 4.6m

Sunday: 2.29am – 4.6m and 2.45pm – 4.8m

Monday: 3.07am – 4.7m and 3.19pm – 4.9m

Tuesday: 3.44am – 4.9m and 3.53pm – 5.1m

Wednesday: 4.21am – 5m and 4.28pm – 5.1m

Thursday: 4.59am – 5m and 5.05pm – 5.2m


Today: 6.17am – 2m and 6.51pm – 2m

Tomorrow: 7.10am – 1.9m and 7.39pm – 1.7m

Saturday: 7.53am – 1.7m and 8.22pm – 1.5m

Sunday: 8.34am – 1.5m and 9.01pm – 1.3m

Monday: 9.12am – 1.4m and 9.40pm – 1.1m

Tuesday: 9.48am – 1.3m and 10.18pm – 0.9m

Wednesday: 10.25am – 1.2m and 10.57pm – 0.8m

Thursday: 11.02am – 1.2m and 11.37pm – 0.8m