Holidaymakers help push up domestic-violence figures

Inspector Davy Garrick
Inspector Davy Garrick

Domestic-violence incidents on holiday parks contributed to a 7.5 per cent increase in crime in north Northumberland last year.

Inspector Davy Garrick, head of the Berwick sector, spoke on the difficulties of tackling the issue at the town’s annual meeting.

“Violent crime was the biggest area of increase last year,” he said.

“The holiday parks are chock-a-block for much of the time which is brilliant but it also brings with it problems of domestic violence. A lot of people who come on holiday in their caravans get too drunk and end up fighting and we have to deal with that.

“The vast majority of our violent crime comes from the tourist trade and it’s very difficult to deal with because you don’t know the players until you get there.”

Another contributing factor is that victims of domestic violence are now more prepared to come forward and report incidents.

He said: “Sometimes these cases have been going on for a lifetime but have never been reported. Now we are finding more and more people have the confidence to step forward.”

But he insisted that north Northumberland remains one of the safest parts of the country.

“Nobody here is at threat of violent crime on a night out. That type of crime is actually very much down. Compared to previous years, the streets are a much safer place than they used to be,” he said.