Holidaymaker trampled by cattle in north Northumberland

Theresa Radcliffe was injured when trampled by cows near Bamburgh.
Theresa Radcliffe was injured when trampled by cows near Bamburgh.

A holidaymaker was left bruised and battered after being trampled by a herd of cows in north Northumberland.

Theresa Radcliffe was walking on a public footpath at Ross Sands, near Bamburgh, when she was attacked on August 14.

Theresa Radcliffe

Theresa Radcliffe

“It was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me and I feel so blessed that I’m able to tell the story,” she said.

“People need to be made aware of the potential dangers of crossing a field of cows because they might not be as lucky as I was.”

In April, 61-year-old teacher Marion Clode, from Greater Manchester, was killed after being charged by a herd of cattle while out for a walk in Belford.

Theresa, who was staying in a static caravan at Waren Mill and was out for a walk with her family and three small dogs, was fortunate to escape with severe bruising and a blood clot on her leg.

She said: “We were walking back from Ross Sands when, for whatever reason, this group of about six cows, two of them with calves, started getting agitated.

“They were probably about 10 feet away from the main path so I started walking quickly. They started mooing and all of a sudden they just charged. It was every man for himself, but I was closest to them and got knocked over.

“I blacked out for a few seconds and woke up to see these cows jumping over me. One of them was bucking and kicking its legs so I stood up and started shouting and waving my arms.

“My son, who is about 6’2”, then came running down the path and managed to get them away and I just ran as fast as I could. My son said I was like Usain Bolt.

“It was only when I got back to the road that I began to feel the pain in my chest and legs. I was also in shock and couldn’t breathe properly.”

Now back home in Harrogate, Yorkshire, she is still finding it difficult to get around.

“I’ve still got my leg up,” she said. “It’s still pretty painful. I know I was very lucky. I can only imagine how bad it could have been if a family with young children had been caught up in a similar situation.”