Hole lot of fury

Pothole on the road near Bolton, Northumberland
Pothole on the road near Bolton, Northumberland

Yet another political row has broken out ahead of the election – this time on the state of the county’s roads.

The ruling Lib Dem administration say that the Tories are ‘talking rubbish’ on roads after figures revealed that the county council filled in more potholes in the last year than the other 11 councils in the North East and Cumbria combined.

They claim it follows a further £6million being found in the recent budget for road improvements, despite overall cuts of £24million.

But the Tories have hit back arguing that there should be no back-slapping over the vast number of potholes – 34,000 according to the BBC Look North figures – which are ‘a real legacy of the massive neglect of our local roads by the Liberal Democrat-run county council’.

At the same time, Conservative campaigners have raised concerns over the damage caused to a road through a small community by windfarm construction traffic, claiming the council has ignored residents’ complaints.