Hitting a series of potholes was ‘like a bomb going off’

Pothole pictures supplied by Alaister Borland
Pothole pictures supplied by Alaister Borland

A motorist has described hitting a pothole as ‘like a bomb going off’ as he warns others about the state of the roads in north Northumberland.

Alaister Borland was driving along the B1330 between Amble and Hadston when he came across what is described as a ‘six-foot gash’ in the road.

Graham Carr's picture of a pothole at  Henhill Farm nr Lucker.

Graham Carr's picture of a pothole at Henhill Farm nr Lucker.

The 46-year-old from Amble was left with lower back pain from the incident and the front far-side tyre came away from the wheel.

He said: “I was about halfway along the road, heading north towards North Broomhill.

“I hit a series of what I now know as potholes in the road making my car judder.

“Just a few seconds after that I hit another pothole, but this time I heard what sounded like a bomb going off under my car.

“At the same time I was thrown down into my seat losing control of my car momentarily, it was a very scary experience.

“The amount of potholes everywhere is absolutely ridiculous.

“This one had been reported, but nothing had been done about it, the council has just left it.

“And when I spoke to a councillor about it I got a ridiculous reply,

“They said they ‘put it down to bad driving’.

“But it was 8.30pm, it was dark and the pothole was filled with water, I just couldn’t see it.

“To say it is bad driving is just stupid.”

Another reader contacted the Gazette after a car was left at his farm with two flat tyres and other damage from hitting a pothole.

Graham Carr, of Henhill Farm, near Lucker, was left with the black Vauxhall Corsa, after it was damaged by a pothole near the property.

Mr Carr said: “This is the second time I’ve told the council via Fixmystreet.com about this and a few others, which to be fair they have just dropped some tar into, but it just comes out again.”

He added that the council saying they will fix all the potholes in the county by June is a ‘joke’.

Coun Grant Davey, leader of Northumberland County Council, said: “As part of the budget last week, the council decided to approve measures to tackle the backlog of potholes across Northumberland. We know that this is a major issue for local people which is why we committed an extra £600,000 to tackle the problem and accelerate the programme of pothole repairs across the county, bringing the backlog under control by the end of June 2014 – three months earlier than anticipated.

“That backlog now stands at around 12,000 and we’re confident that the new Jetpatcher equipment and extra staff we’ve invested in will finish all these repairs by July.”

Anyone interested can check how the council is getting on with pothole repairs on its website at www.north umberland.gov.uk