History of Elsdon is celebrated in exhibits

The rich history of Elsdon was celebrated in a one-off special exhibition in the village.

Numerous displays of photographs, documents, books, artefacts and newspaper cuttings which traced the parish’s history from earliest times through to the present day, went on display in the village hall on Sunday, June 9.

Beginning with fossils from the Carboniferous Period, the stands illustrated different eras including the Iron Age, Roman and early Norman period when Elsdon’s renowned motte and bailey was built.

Among many events featured was the Battle of Otterburn.

Elsdon Tower was also featured as well as Winter’s Gibbet and St Cuthbert’s Church.

There were many photographs from Victorian and Edwardian times, with albums and scrapbooks for visitors to look through and property documents that families treasure.

Other photographs showed how Elsdon has looked during the last 150 years.

For the 20th century boards, there were sections featuring The Great War, Elsdon Colliery, Blaxter Quarry and the 140-year history of the school.

There were over 130 visitors to the exhibition and Elsdon Heritage Group was set up at the event.