HIGHWAYS: Impressed by staff care

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Upper Howick Street in Alnwick is planned to have carriageway resurfacing work taking place in December.

I am very disabled and unable to perambulate with any degree of stability.

I wrote to Northumberland County Council’s highways department to make it aware of my lack of physical capability, as others similarly characterised in the street.

Three people from highways took the time and trouble to visit us and outlined what would happen and how people in Upper Howick Street would be assisted and cared for during the period.

The needs of disabled people would be particularly monitored throughout.

I am very impressed by the planning and care considered for people.

I must express my appreciation to the highways people who visited us to explain the general planning approach and how the community is to be cared for.

As a community we should recognise the skill and commitment demonstrated by Northumberland County Council staff consistently, and on many occasions under stressful circumstances, not least inclement weather.

John Jones,