Highway issues continue to concern council

The junction of High Street and West Street in Belford.
The junction of High Street and West Street in Belford.

The need for double yellow lines to deter problem parking in certain areas of Belford as well as speeding have been raised again by councillors.

The discussion arose at last Thursday’s meeting of the parish council following an update on the neighbourhood plan, which doesn’t cover the likes of roads and parking.

Coun Busher Keys raised the issue of the potential need for double yellow lines on High Street so that visibility at the West Street junction is better – a concern that has often been mentioned.

Chairman, Coun Brenda Stanton, said: “I’m not a fan of double yellow lines, but a lot of people keep saying, ‘it’s an accident waiting to happen’.

“The other place people mention is the narrow section by the doctor’s.”

Coun Tracy Bell reflected on the fact that it’s a sign of changing times with more holiday lets and therefore visitors as well as households with more than one car. “I still think we need a car park,” she added.

Coun Guy Renner-Thompson asked about the proposals to put parking bays up North Bank.

A consultation had been planned on parking in the village and it was agreed to chase this with the county council.

The mention of North Bank also sparked questions about the possibility of flashing speed signs there and at the southern entrance to the village. Coun Renner-Thompson, newly-elected ward councillor, said he would commit some of his small schemes funding to this.

Neighbourhood plan update

Planning consultant Jenny Ludman will charge £4,000 to draw up a neighbourhood plan for Belford, based on the research and ideas from the steering group. Funding is to be sought from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).